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John Holzwarth


Tel: 510-899-7186

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John W. Holzwarth, is an expert witness focused on complex valuation issues related to securities and intellectual property matters. He has more than twenty years of experience analyzing financial and economic issues in litigation.

Mr. Holzwarth has been engaged as an expert on securities matters in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. He has provided expert opinions on issues related to event study analysis, materiality, inflation, market efficiency, credit markets, and fundamental valuation. Matters have included shareholder class actions, regulatory investigations, and criminal proceedings. In 2018, Mr. Holzwarth presented to the Australian Federal Judges continuing education seminar on event study analysis. He have been briefed on more than 45 shareholder class actions in Australia, provided more than 20 reports, and have testified at trial on two occasions.

Mr. Holzwarth has been engaged on numerous intellectual property matters related to industries such as software, storage, semiconductors, internet security, search technology, geolocation data, medical products, pharmaceuticals, avionics, and telecommunications. He has provided analysis and opinions about reasonable royalties, lost profits, unjust enrichment, and price erosion. Mr. Holzwarth is a co-author of the intellectual property chapter of the Sixth Edition of the Litigation Services Handbook. He has also published in the Licensing Executives Society’s journal Les Nouvelles on patent valuation.


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