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Vince O'Brien


Tel: (510) 899‐7184

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Vincent E. O’Brien is a leading expert in damages analysis in complex litigation. He has more than 31 years of experience in applying economic and financial analysis to intellectual property, antitrust, securities, and contract matters and has analyzed more than 300 damage claims. He has lectured and written about damage claims and has testified successfully on these matters in over 60 courts. Some of his most important work has been on major antitrust and intellectual property cases. He is co-author of the chapter on patent damages in the Litigation Services Handbook. Dr. O’Brien has also worked on numerous securities class-action cases and has testified before the US House of Representatives and Senate on the need to reform laws relating to those cases. Most of his suggestions were incorporated into the latest reforms in the securities laws. He has also published two pioneering studies of these matters. Dr. O’Brien holds master’s and doctorate degrees from Harvard Business School where he taught as a research fellow, and a BS in electrical engineering with high honors from the University of Illinois. Dr. O’Brien spent two years as a market analyst at McDonnell Douglas Astronautics and four years as the corporate economist for Bethlehem Steel.​


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