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FEB 07 - Rascher publishes three articles on ticketing, risk management in sports...

EMERYVILLE, December 1, 2012 – Partner Daniel Rascher, Ph.D. co-authored “An Examination of Underlying Consumer Demand and Sport Pricing using Secondary Market Data” with Joris Drayer and Chad McEvoy in Sport Management Review 15(4), 2012.

Rascher also co-authored “Financial Risk Management: The Role of a New Stadium in Minimizing the Variation in Franchise Revenues” with Matt Brown, Mark Nagel, and Chad McEvoy in Journal of Sports Economics 13(3), 2012.

Rascher also co-authored “Smooth Operators: Recent Collective Bargaining in Major League Baseball” with Tim DeSchriver in International Journal of Sport Finance 7(2), 2012.

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