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Glenn Mitchell

Tel: 510-899‐7194

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Glenn Mitchell is a Managing Economist at OSKR. He teaches economics, and consults to private firms, non-profit groups, and government agencies on topics related to technology, intellectual property, competition, transportation, and natural resources. Dr. Mitchell has had extensive experience working with experts and counsel to manage complex analysis in support of expert testimony in litigation and regulatory matters. In addition, he has presented analysis to the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board, the European Commission Directorate General of Competition, and the China Ministry of Finance.

In the realm of competition litigation and regulation, Dr. Mitchell has conducted analysis of class certification, liability, and/or damages cases related to price-fixing, coordinated behavior, monopolization, vertical restraints, tying, exclusive dealing, and predatory pricing. With respect to intellectual property, he has conducted analysis of reasonable royalty rates and lost profits related to patent infringement, and the valuation of intangible assets. His work in environmental and natural resource economics includes topics relating to the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and the management of fisheries in the U.S. He has also conducted analysis of employee/independent consultant classification, and materiality and damages related to security fraud. Through this work, Dr. Mitchell’s specific industry knowledge includes: automotive sales and insurance, consumer products, digital storage manufacturing and sales, education, energy production and regulation, fisheries, housing construction, internet advertising, gasoline and other petroleum products (extraction, manufacturing, transportation, and wholesale/retail sales), handcrafting, integrated circuit design and testing, medical devices, minerals, pharmaceutical distribution, professional sports, rail transportation, restaurant franchising, wind turbines, and zero-emission vehicles.

Dr. Mitchell received in Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is an Adjunct Professor at Occidental College, in the Department of Economics, where he teaches Law and Economics. He has also taught Microeconomics at the University of Southern California, Marshall Business School.


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