OSKR Announces New Partner, New Associate, and New President

EMERYVILLE, Feb. 21, 2011 – OSKR kicks off what promises to be a very busy year with three exciting announcements. First, OSKR is pleased to announce the elevation of John Holzwarth, CFA, to partner. Mr. Holzwarth has been an essential part of OSKR’s success over the past three years, and OSKR is happy to recognize his talents and growing role as an expert by having him join the partnership.

Second, OSKR welcomed a new Associate, Andrew Person, to the firm in January of this year. Prior to joining OSKR, Mr. Person was with Analysis Group for four years, where he developed experience in complex litigation matters with an emphasis in quantitative applications.

Finally, after three critical years at OSKR’s helm, Andy Schwarz has decided to step down as President in order to focus on his growing consulting practice, while remaining on the firm’s Executive Committee. Chris Groves has taken on the firm’s day-to-day responsibilities as President. Mr. Groves is also one of the original OSKR partners, and looks forward to building on the successes accomplished by Mr. Schwarz during his tenure.

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