Dr. Vince O’Brien to Appear on Panel at FTC Hearing on Patents

The Federal Trade Commission is conducting a series of public hearings to explore changes in intellectual property law, patent-related business models, and new learning regarding the operation of the IP marketplace.

Dr. Vince O’Brien, Managing Partner at OSKR, will appear on a panel at the May 4-5 hearing discussing trends in damage awards, the current standards governing patent damages, and their impact on patent value and innovation. It will examine various approaches to damages calculation and the evidence used in assessing damages, particularly in the context of reasonable royalty determinations. This panel will also explore permanent injunctions in patent cases in the wake of the Supreme Court’s eBay decision and the impact of recent changes to the doctrine of willful infringement.

See FTC IP Marketplace Agenda for more details.

Also, see “Are Patent Holders Better Off in Court,” Doug Kidder’s and Vince O’Brien’s write up of their recent research on the subject.

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