Trial Work

OSKR is involved in a wide variety of projects for our clients, most of which are kept in strict confidence. We take that confidentiality very seriously. However, in a few cases OSKR’s involvement has been disclosed publically, and this gives us a chance to share a small portion of our accomplishments.

Vince O’Brien provided damages and causation testimony on behalf of Defendants in Benesch v. Tandler (read more)


Dan Rascher and Peter Rhee provided testimony on behalf of Plaintiffs inParrish et al. v. NFLPI

Dr. Rascher filed two expert reports, testified at deposition, and at trial. After brief deliberations following the three-week trial, a federal jury ordered the NFL Players Association to pay $28.1 million to retired players after finding the union failed to properly market their images:

Breach of Contract and Fiduciary Duty Case Study (PDF)
Trial of retired players’ suit against NFLPA set to begin today
Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated (PDF)


Andy Schwarz and Dan Rascher thanked for their efforts to “initiate, investigate, develop, and prosecute” in White v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, a class action by student-athletes against the NCAA for unreasonably restricting the amount of athletics-based financial aid which colleges and universities could pay to student-athletes:

Student Athletes Settle Antitrust Case Against NCAA

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